The Novoa Family

Ground FX Flooring is a business built upon huge dreams. Mark Novoa is the founder of Ground FX Flooring. He started his career as an apprentice which turned into a full time sub-contractor. He learned many valuable lessons and techniques under a seasoned installation crew. Seeing the benefits of being an independent flooring installer, he soon began to invest in his goal of becoming one. With his dedication and strong work ethics, Mark had established his goal in the beginning of 2000 and named his business Ground Effects Flooring. He worked as an independent flooring installer for several flooring stores, including some of the big box stores. Within several years of starting this business, Mark wanted to expand his knowledge of installation, flooring products, and design so he began his venture creating the first shop at home flooring service in southern Illinois. His desires were to give his customers the convenience of a mobile flooring design center that comes to them. No more hassles and conflicts with scheduling. He wanted to replace the anxiety of shopping for flooring with a fun-filled experience.

Since the business was emerging, so did the business name. Ground FX Flooring is bringing the newest, exciting, ground breaking, money saving, knowledge filled flooring store to you. This one of a kind service will have you “floored!” Ground FX offers each client a FREE flooring estimate in their brand new 29 foot mobile flooring design center. Thinking about adding equity into your home or business with flooring updates, need to get some flooring ideas for your new place, or just want to check out this amazing mobile showroom, just give Ground FX Flooring a call and they will bring the entire showroom to you. Ground FX Flooring takes pride in every job completed and values every customer. This business opted out of owning a stationary showroom to ensure that every customer would gain in the other areas of their flooring experience. They carry the most reputable, name brand flooring products in the flooring industry. Every customer will receive one on one customer service that informs them of the details and warranties the products offer. The satisfaction and guarantee you receive with every installation Ground FX Flooring promises you a great experience. Ground FX flooring demands superior performance. From the customer service, the flooring installation, to the satisfaction of each valued customer, Ground FX Flooring wants to provide you with all your flooring needs you may have in the future.